Outschool Application Process

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Start your Online Teaching Journey Today!

Are you looking to teach online from the comfort of your home, create your own schedule and decide how much you get paid? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then Outschool may be the teaching platform for you. As a teacher on this platform, you have full autonomy to decide your schedule, class material, and pay! Love Harry Potter, gardening, the stock market, coding, baking, or knitting? You can create a class that allows you to share your hobbies and interests with young learners all from your computer. Have questions or interested in learning more about how to apply? Keep reading to get a full look at the application process.


  • 18 years or older

  • Reliable Internet (3Mbps upload and download) Click here to check your speeds!

  • Passion for teaching students 3-18 years of age.

  • No teaching degree required only knowledge, experience, and passion in the areas you wish to teach.

  • Live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.

Application Process:

  • Click here to start the application process.

  • Click that you would like to apply to teach (through your account you can also enroll learners in classes).

Step 1 Welcome Video & Teacher Guide

  • Watch the 5minute video to become acquainted with the basics of the Outschool platform and read the teacher guide.

Step 2 Application

  • Fill out the application.

  • Basic information (name, contact information etc.).

  • Qualifications (you do not need a teaching certificate but you must have experience, knowledge, and a passion for the areas you want like to teach).

  • Experience working with youth.

  • List the classes you intend to offer on the platform. In this section, they will also ask you to write a sample class description. View current class descriptions for ideas on how to formulate your thoughts and elements to include (your teaching style, how you will engage students, class objectives etc.).

Step 3 Introduction Video

  • This video is 3-5minutes long. The video is your opportunity to introduce yourself, show off a bit of your personality, and give the hiring team a taste of how you would teach the class you listed above. Ideally, you should teach from the space you intend to work from so they can get a glimpse of your online learning environment.

It can feel overwhelming to take the first step and begin your online teaching journey! I remember being in your shoes; preparing, practicing, and anxiously waiting for a reply! Whether you decide to teach with Vipkid, Cambly or Outschool you do not need to go through this process alone. Please reach out to me with any questions and I would be more than happy to help. You can message me through my website or reach out to me on Instagram Teaching_Nomad24!

Ready to apply and want support along the way? Click here! To be fully transparent I receive a monetary reward for every successful referral that goes through the process and begins teaching.

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