How to Scratch the Travel Itch while you are Stuck at Home

We have all been in the position where we would love to go on a trip or set off on a new adventure but are stuck at home for one reason or another. Maybe it's because of a pandemic, an attempt to save money, or your work schedule. Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating.

Like many of you, I have been spending the majority of the past three months at home. Although I have attempted to stay busy during this time I often feel like there are elements of my life that are missing. After months of travel, I am missing the opportunity to meet new people, try new foods, and explore new places. However, my time at home has given me hours to reflect on my travels and the reasons why I love traveling. Instead of mourning the loss of my trip, I have tried to stay positive and examine why I love traveling. Understanding what fuels this love has allowed me to get creative and establish ways that I can feed this love from the comfort of my home. If you are feeling a similar way I highly recommend you do the same. Think of the reasons why you love traveling. Is it the unique food, the beautiful sites, or experiencing a new culture? Once you have created your list, think of ways you can nourish these loves until you are able to get on the road again!

Read on to see my list of reasons I love to travel and how I am feeding these loves from home.

1) Love of People & Culture

One of the main reasons I travel is that I love exposure to new cultures. I enjoy speaking and learning from people from different countries and getting to know more about them and their way of life. Of course, being home and maintaining social distance has prevented me from accomplishing this in person. Luckily for us, however, access to the internet allows us to speak with people from all over the world. Whether it is through playing video games online, teaching English online, or connecting with old friends you've met while traveling there are so many ways you can continue to meet and speak with people from all over.

I may not play video games online but I do teach English online. Through my online classes on Cambly and VIPKID, I have been able to communicate with citizens of Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Brazil, and China. I may not be able to hop on a plane and fly to these countries but I am able to learn about their culture through our lessons together. I have also been able to check in with and speak with other travelers, friends, and family who live abroad in Peru, Ecuador, and the Faroe Islands. Although I prefer meeting people in person it has been a great substitute.

2) The Excitement of Planning you Next Trip

Although you may not be able to go on a trip that does not mean you cannot dream of your next adventure. Cruise the internet and create a list of places you'd like to visit and get excited about your next travel destination.

You may also be surprised that many tourist attractions and countries are offering remote/virtual tours. Click the links below to access several remote and virtual tours I found during my search! Although you cannot physically visit these places you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful things there are to see in the world! I have only listed a few but there are countless ones you can encounter on the web.

Remote Tourism: Faroe Islands - Visit the Faroe Islands through the eyes of a local.

Virtual Tour of the Louvre - Discover the Louvre and virtually wander the hallways full of art and history.

Virtual Tour of the Vatican - Get a sneak peek of the Vatican Museum.

3) Exposure to New Food

Do you consider yourself a foodie or at least embrace opportunities to try new and exotic food during your travels? Even if you cannot physically travel and try foreign cuisines that does not mean you cannot learn about new recipes or try your hand at creating your own.

On Netflix and other streaming platforms, one can find documentaries that immerse you into the food and culture of different countries. One series that I found particularly thrilling was "Street Food" on Netflix. This series takes you through the streets of foreign countries like India and Japan to meet the people and food of these lands. If you are daring you could even try your hand at creating one of them. Even if you are not successful this is a fun way to experience some of the food you can encounter while abroad. This will give you something to compare when you finally have the opportunity to visit these places and try the food first hand!

I encourage you to embrace where you are in life right now and make the best of your situation. Examine the reasons you like to travel and get creative in the ways you can incorporate these loves into your daily life.

I would love to hear how you stay busy and positive when you are unable to travel. Comment below and let's connect!

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