House Sitting; a Great Option for Traveling Teachers & Digital Nomads

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Housesitting is a way to live rent free in a beautiful home!

One of the major perks of teaching online is the ability to be mobile. No more terrible commutes to the office, coworkers who won't leave you alone (unless of course, you have pets or a needy partner/kids), and of course no one has to know if you are wearing pajama bottoms. Of course, one thing that you do need is a place to teach. Preferably a quiet space with good lighting and stable wifi. When you are traveling and moving from place to place this can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. I have had a lot of luck on Airbnb but nicer or larger places tend to be too expensive.

Recently, my partner and I stumbled across and it is an absolute game-changer! This site connects individuals, couples, and families with folks who are looking for someone to care for their home, pets, and/or plants while they are away. For a yearly fee, one can create a profile and apply to any postings on the site. The price is the same whether you are traveling alone, are a couple or a family. Even if you manage to only work one job the whole year it is more than worth the fee if you consider the money you save by not paying rent, cleaning fees, or utilities!

What to Expect

House listings will vary greatly in location, duties of the housesitters, and time frame. It helps if you are flexible with your location and dates. Some listings may need a house sitter for several months while others may just be looking for a short weekend stay. This site has houses all over the world so there is no need to limit yourself. Another great aspect is you can search the site for listings prior to committing to the yearly subscription. You only need to pay if you decide to apply to a listing.

Listings should have all pertinent information about the job, from some minor details about the house and its location to important information about the length of stay, and duties (watering plants, how many animals are in the house, etc.). You may find some stays require you to have a vehicle and other listings that may provide one (I have seen a few remote stays in Costa Rica where a 4x wheel drive vehicle is a must!). Once you've created your profile and applied, the host may request an interview where they can ask you questions and gauge if the job will be a good fit for both of you. While you can message back and forth on the platform it is probably best if you do this interview over the phone or via video call. This is the time to ask for more details about the animals in the home; their personalities, habits, and the care they require.

Tips for Getting the Gig

One thing that helped my partner and I get our first job was the fact that we were extremely flexible with our dates. While the homeowners had an idea of when they would leave and return we let them know that if the date changed it would not be a problem. We also had the ability to travel to the area early so that we could meet the family and pets in person as well as get a tour of the home before they departed. This was able to happen in part because I have family in the area that allowed us to stay with them the weekend before the homeowners left but you could also rent a hotel or Airbnb for a night or two if it meant the family felt more comfortable leaving their home with you. It certainly made both the homeowners and myself more comfortable that the dogs had met us and we had a lay-out of the house before jumping into the work. It may not be feasible to do this with every stay but it may just be the thing that makes you stand above the other applicants!

Our Experience

Since joining the platform this fall my partner and I have had the pleasure of house-sitting in a home for 7 weeks with two lovely dogs. The experience has honestly exceeded our expectations. We have fallen in love with these two aging pups, the neighborhood, and the surrounding area. After traveling last year in South America and staying mostly in small Airbnb apartments it was a nice change to have a full house, yard, and kitchen to enjoy. We hope this will be the first stay of many!

Interested in seeing what your options are? Check out and peruse the current listings! If you decide to apply click here to get 25% off. Using my link will give you 25% off the yearly subscription and will give me a few months free on the platform. Still curious and have other questions? Comment below or send me a message through my website or Instagram!

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