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Updated: Jan 15

Although the majority of learners on Cambly are adults, it is not uncommon to teach children. Families have the option to sign their child up for the regular platform or enroll their student in Cambly kids where both the student and teacher have access to a set of lessons. The Cambly Kids program is more expensive but ensures that the student is progressing through a curriculum. Similar to other online platforms, the company designs the curriculum and the teacher is responsible for facilitating the material in an engaging manner.

Parents usually accompany their younger children during lessons.

So you may be wondering "How do I teach for Cambly Kids?"

The company requires that you are first hired as a tutor on their regular platform. After you have had the opportunity to teach on the platform for a while you may be invited to apply for CamblyKids. This invitation will appear in your profile and you will be asked to submit a short video of you pretending to teach a lesson (Cambly will provide the slides to teach). This video will be reviewed by the company. If you are accepted you will receive an email stating you can begin teaching the kids curriculum. Teachers will also be asked to record a welcome video for parents and students to view before booking you. This video is a great way to introduce yourself to families and market yourself as an English teacher.

How does the Cambly Kids reservation system work?

The reservation system is the same as the regular platform. You will notice, however, that when a child books you (KIDS) will appear next to their name. This will signal that it is a Cambly Kids lesson. When you pick up the student's call the slides for the lesson will automatically load on the left hand of the screen and your video and your student's video will appear on the right. Both you and your student will have the ability to write on the screen. To delete the writing simply switch to the next slide and then flip back. When the slide reloads the writing will have disappeared.

Your reservations for both children and adults will appear on the same calendar. This makes it very easy to stay organized. If you would like to limit the times of day when children or adults can book you, you can set this restriction when you open up slots. When you open the reservation tab click "edit" on the left-hand side to edit your reservation availability. Below the calendar, you will see that you can "add availability for:" anyone, regulars only, Cambly Kids, or Cambly Adults. Scroll through and click who you would like to teach during a specific time. If you leave the slots open to anyone then both kids and adults will have the option to book you.

Is the pay the same?

No! Teachers on the Cambly Kids platform get paid slightly more than they do for regular adult classes. The pay for Cambly Kids classes is $0.20cents a minute or $12.00 an hour. I suppose the reason is that on the adult side you are often engaging your students in conversation while on the Kids platform you are actively teaching a curriculum. In my opinion, the Kids platform is actually easier to teach because there is a guide for the lesson whereas on the adult's side one may spend some time planning lessons for students that want to increase their vocabulary or knowledge of English grammar. Regardless, the slight pay increase is nice!

How do I preview the class slides?

To preview the lesson before class click on the student who has requested a class with you (you can click on their reservation name located on your calendar). Once you are viewing their profile click on "Enrolled Class". This will allow you to view the student's program. The classes that are darkened have been completed, classes that are brightly colored have yet to be taught. Click on the next brightly colored circle and you can flip through each slide of the lesson.

Have you been accepted to teach on Cambly Kids? Do you still have questions? Feel free to send me a message and I would be more than happy to clear up any confusion or help you through the application process. If you have not applied for Cambly yet and are interested please consider using my referral link by clicking here. To be transparent, if you apply using my link and complete 10 priority hours I will receive $20. Regardless, I hope you found the information above helpful!

Happy Teaching!

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